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[shirt] Toons From Tunes (**NEW**)

Image of [shirt] Toons From Tunes (**NEW**)


Designed by IG/@jimpluk, who drew it after watching the September 8, 2014 PUNCH set on hate5six. Printed by popular demand. Front features a hate5six "camera & sickle" pocket print;Rear features Jim Pluk's interpretation of the show.
Printed on Gildan Ultra Cotton 100%. Available sizes: S - 2XL.

Patreon members get a discount code up to 25% off. More info: Are you a current member with an expired code? Receive a new one by messaging me on Patreon, Discord, or Email hate5sixproductions at gmail dot com


  • Small - 70% in stock
  • Medium - 69% in stock
  • Large - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • XL - 0% in stock
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  • 2XL - 0% in stock
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  • 3XL - 0% in stock
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