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[poster] anti mass media *LIMITED*

Image of [poster] anti mass media *LIMITED*

$7.00 - On Sale

The last remaining few posters have some slight defects, smudge and scuff marks

17" x 24" matte poster

"Within the reigning social order, the general public must remain an object of manipulation, not a participant in thought, debate, and decision." - Chomsky, Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies

We turn to hardcore because of a desire to be and do something more than the parameters defined by the greater society.

According to Chomsky, media around us is filtered in a way that restricts the spectrum of opinions that is socially acceptable for us to have. This strips us of our agency as people to play active roles in sociopolitical discourse.

hate5six is a very minor media entity that serves to connect others to hardcore. The mission has been to avoid being solely a distraction or illusion and instead provide a signal boost for the sense of urgency and action that hardcore has the power to cultivate.

Illustrated by: Mike Smaczylo -